4 Way LT Box
4 Way LT Box
4 Way LT Box
4 Way LT Box
4 Way LT Box
4 Way LT Box Input Connector

The Clansman Radio System

The 4 Way LT Box

This page is intended to document one version of the 4-way LT box FV2073001 NSN unknown. The box has four standard Clansman DC output connectors with individual 15 way fuses and a 5 way high current input connector "WEQ8601 C2157 305 M00" as input.

Internally the pins A (positive) and B (Negative) of the input connector are connected to busbars. The other 3 input pins are not used.

The lack of a NATO stock number leads me to think that this is not a standard issue item - as does the low serial number (591).


Weight 1.4KG
Length 150mm
Width 140mm
Height 80mm
Part No. FV2073001
Maker Hunting Hivolt Ltd

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